Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet our cutie pie from China!!

Meet Ayla!  Tiff & Steven finally got their match "Made in China".  There's still more of the adoption process to go through, so hopefully she'll be home in about 5 months or less!  We can't wait!!  She is why we are doing "The Not So Empty Nest"! 

Can you tell we've been a little busy lately?  For the first time in 25 years, I've been baby shopping!   Our son and wife should have grandbaby #1 or 2 (depending on who you're asking) delivered in November and that's another reason we're called, "The Not So Empty Nest"...

It's almost been a month since our last post - but we are back!!  In the last month I (Debbie), along with the hubs,  have been to Wyoming for a week with over 20 college friends and then a week after that we went on a 7 day cruise!  In between trips, Tiff & I tried to get caught up in our booth.  I'll share some pictures of our trips a little later, but wanted to show you what our "Not So Empty Nest" looks like.  Actually, many of these items have already sold so we're working hard this week to resupply.  We went to a neighborhood garage sale Saturday and hit about 50 sales! 

These 2 nightstands sold really quick!

Tiff & Jocelyn made these.  Aren't they adorable?  These will be easy to ship, so we can take orders and do a different color scheme.

We always have something on sale!!

3 candlesticks that we distressed.  They have pink undertones and look amazing!

Isn't this bistro adorable?  Tiff's friend gave us this and we painted and restained.  SOLD!

Great 48" table that we distressed with grey.  It's only $129!

This is one of our favorite pieces ever!  It's a 9 drawer Drexel dresser and boy is it heavy.  We were going to change out the hardware, but once we painted and distressed it, the hardware enhanced it.  We have it priced at $429 since it's so heavy and top quality.  It's actually 10% off right now!  We've also been told people are using these as buffets in the dining room.  Hmm...  I just might have a place for it myself.
We have sold the heck out of these distressed grey frames.  We can't believe these shutters are still in our booth.  They enhance it, so we're fine with them "hanging" around!

This was another great dresser we had.  It sold in 1 day!
This is what it looked like when we left Saturday!  We'll be adding more this Friday, so stay tuned!