Saturday, October 1, 2011

Look what we made . . . a play kitchen!

We have been busy around here this week!  We worked hard to get our first play kitchen done, hoping to sell these for Christmas and put a huge dent in bringing Ayla home from China.  We had seen these kitchens on other blogs and we decided it might be a good thing to sell at Christmas.  There's a LOT of TLC put in these, so they're not the cheapest thing we've ever sold.  We spent well over 30 hours on this one, but hopefully we'll get faster. So instead of buying something "made in China"  buy something "made for China"!  The elves can probably only get around 10 done, so let Santa know soon!

Without further ado, here's the grand reveal of our Vintage Play Kitchen. 

Isn't this the sweetest thing ever?  There's a side by side refrigerator, oven, stove and counter space.  Don't you love the retro feel of the appliances?

Debbie has 2 granddaughters coming soon, and can't wait to cook with them!

Close up view of the "tiled" counter and stove top.  Cute little curtain helps make it even sweeter!    

Loved the knobs!  Hey, does anyone know how to make them turn without unscrewing them?  Tiff's quite the engineer, but hasn't figured this out yet.

We are finding some great kitchen accessories at yard sales.  But these aren't for sale, they're for my girls!

Here's a big view.  So cute!

 Here's some more items at "The Nest"!

Nice little chest of drawers

Love this end table!

The planters are from Anthropologie

Frames are a hot item right now, especially for gallery walls

Awesome antique buffet we painted.  There's a drop-leaf on each side for even more serving.  The chalkboard above is a great piece too!

Good look at all our goodies!

We re-purpose for a purpose . . . to bring Ayla home!

If y'all are in the Birmingham or Pelham, Alabama area, come visit our booth at Encore Resales.  See the sidebar for a link to directions.