Saturday, May 26, 2012

We're back!

Did you miss us?  We took a little break, well, a long break...  

I became a gramma in November (DeBe) and that's all I've wanted to do since then.  Tiffany was nesting in preparation to get Ayla from China and getting her house all ready. They have been home for about 2.5 months now and are doing beautifully.  She fits right in with us and we love her tons.  If you want to see pictures and read all about her, you can go to

Our booth at Encore was pretty bare, so I finally lit a fire under us and we have added some new items.  We haven't hit a single yard sale this year, but we have enough in our garages to get us by for awhile.  We just gotta figure out how to paint with a 2 year old underfoot.  

We're a bit rusty, so give us a while to get back into the groove aka we didn't take a single picture of the booth the other day.  We're just having too much fun with our little girls for anything else to matter.  

Well, it's hub's birthday, so I need to go show him the ring setting I've picked out and the tractor "he" wants...