Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reason #1: Why "The Not So Empty Nest" Name

Take today for instance.  The hubs was in England for 9 days along with my son, Brandon.  After mowing our 4 acres and getting some veggies from the garden, I called my daughter-in-law, Jocelyn, to see if she wanted to come over.  I bribed her with a meal, which I knew she couldn't say no to.  She was also happy to take a break from cleaning.  Tiffany called and she was alone too, so she came over for some girl time.  We picked some lima beans to add to the meal and shelled them together.  I told them about the time I used the excuse, "I'm shelling lima beans" so I didn't have to go on a date!  Oh, and the reason you don't see our faces, no makeup! 

Three limas in a pod
First lima beans of the season!

Our meal tonight was totally from the land.  A friend's son, killed a deer earlier this year, and we had cubed steak with gravy and onions.  Me and the girls also dug some potatoes and onions out of the garden and added to what I had already picked today.  We were in hog heaven eating tonight.  We sounded like "What About Bob".   Enjoy our pictures of our bountiful supper tonight.

Squash & onions

Cubed steak with onions and gravy

I soak the okra & zucchini in buttermilk then roll in cornmeal and fry in my iron skillet
Tiff has become an expert at frying - a true southern girl

We ate 2 big iron skillets full!

My Yukon potatoes made yummy mashed potatoes.  Pure goodness!
Jocelyn making Oreo BonBons - cuz we didn't have enough!
So rich and good!  This would make a great addition when watching Miss America!

Our latest "peep".  This was an actual potato we dug up tonight.
Does a garden conjure up fond memories from your childhood too?  My dad planted a huge garden and I can remember shelling limas and stringing beans all day.  Then we'd go to the cannery and have cases and cases of beans!  My girls love to work in the garden too and food is all of our love language.  

So reason #1:  family coming over to share food and to make my empty nest full and alive again and that's why I'm "not so empty"!

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