Monday, August 8, 2011

80th Vintage Birthday Party!

We just threw an 80th birthday party for my in-laws, Dick & Peggy.  Thanks to Peyton, a young 20-something year old friend, we copied her vintage theme.  It was so easy and fun to do with mason jars, a photo booth and candy table.  Everyone had a great time.  We weren't sure if the older party goers would enjoy taking pictures, but as you can see, they definitely got into it and our photo booth was a big hit!

Outside, we used this "vintage" bike to direct party goers!

One of the biggest hits of the day was our photo booth.  Isn't this a cute banner?

These were our centerpieces.  We put a baby picture of each of them in a mason jar and added some hydrangeas.  Don't you love the vintage microphone too?

Notice the chalkboard?  We used these to let everyone know what we were serving.

We had candy invented in the 1930s.  UMMM!

Since our party was from 2-4 on a Sunday, we opted for cupcakes and bite-size Texas sheet cake.  Don't you love the camera?  It was fun doing a vintage birthday.  It could work for any age.

We also had fritos (Peggy's favorite snack) and a yummy dip.  My son's collection of vintage cameras (that we got at garage sales for about $2 each) added just the right touch.

The banners were so cute!

Some of the party goers!  We probably had between 150-200 guests!
Aren't they cute?  Two of these ladies are in their 80s!!  Don't they look fabulous?

We had the guests write messages or just their names, and this sign revealed an unsolved mystery.  My father-in-law is a die-hard Alabama football fan and many Sundays he would find Auburn souvenirs in his pulpit.  They were signed by "The Ultimate Eagle" aka our rival.  After 25 years, he finally revealed his identity!

Aren't they cute as a button?  Love those vintage suspenders!
These are some of the grandkids.  Dick & Peggy have 17 grandchildren and 12 greats with 2 more on the way!

This is me, Debbie and the hubs, Rick.

Has anyone else that has turned 50 had the urge to commit a crime?

Here's Tiff & her hubs, Steven.  It just occurred to me, we really need to get some good pics done.

Here's my in-laws, the party honorees.  My father-in-law preached that morning and was still going strong!  By the way, I wrote their sign for them...

A good time was had by all.  One of the party goers who is well into her 80s said it was the best time she had in a long time and she felt like the party was for her!  Young and old, we all had fun!

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