Friday, August 12, 2011

Awesome Stain Remover

Only 3 more Saturdays without SEC college football!   In the state of Alabama, we are proud of our football!!  In the last 2 years the National Champions and Heisman winner have hailed from here.  No other state can lay claim to that.  We are die-hard Alabama fans and love our Crimson Tide!

Here I am at Bryant Denney Stadium "posing" right after Mark Ingram got the Heisman.  In fact, Coach Saban was supposed to be here for the event we were at, but instead was in New York for all the Heisman hoopla.

Here's Jocelyn, my daughter-in-law and me.

Don't be jealous, but we got a tour of the locker room.  On the way out of the tunnel to the field, all the players jump up and touch this.  My son, Brandon, did a great job making it look like I touched it too!

With that said, I have a great opportunity for all my Birmingham peeps!  A former Alabama player, who played for Bear Bryant on yet another national championship team, needs our help to launch a product of his into even more sales.  Below is what Steve Dean, has to say and it's where you can help.

"We have been given a fantastic opportunity to do a test “Road Show” sale event at the Hoover Costco store (Galleria/Patton Creek) on Aug 25 – Aug 28 (Thur – Sun).  Costco will be selling our ESPRO SPORTS CLEANER Gallon Bottle and 32 oz Spray Bottle as a co-pack for $14.99.  That is a tremendous price ($30 value) on a great product.
If you are not familiar with the product, check out our website (  It is not only the best athletic uniform cleaner on the planet (used by over 70 colleges and several pro teams, including Alabama) but it works great on everything you can imagine (carpet, car upholstery, furniture, food stains, blood stains, you name it).  Read the testimonials on the website to see how passionate people are about the product.
Thank you in advance for helping to make this a successful event for us."

Steve is a great guy.  He coached Brandon in Little League.  Wish we had this product back then.  I tried bleach once, but when it didn't work on all the grass stains and red mud, I just had to be satisfied that at least the stains were clean!

Hope you'll go by and get some (or order online)!  Tell them "The Not So Empty Nest" sent you!

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